Gay Innuendo and Awkward Harry Potter References

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I went prom dress shopping with my sister today. The photo at the top is a rack of brightly colored, fashionable dresses, with flattering cuts and pretty beadwork, strapless or with spaghetti straps—the preferred sleeves for prom, which usually takes place in a crowded room in late spring or early summer. The bottom picture is a rack of dull colored dresses, not flattering, with ugly lace and out-of-style patterns, with sleeves and jackets and body-hiding ruffles.

One of these pictures is of one of the many racks with dresses size 0-4. The other is of the only 16-18 rack. Guess which is which.

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    1. The store is explicitly a PROM DRESS STORE, meaning that they cater to 16-18 year old girls, not old women.2. None of...
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    Bottom half looks like they are made for older women, since older women tend to wear larger sizes. The sleeves and...
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