Gay Innuendo and Awkward Harry Potter References

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First, I basically agree with your piece. But, some ‘buts’ –

1 – I discouraged my daughter from going to a women’s college, though she was in love with Mt. Holyoke, because she was inexperienced with men. Four years in an isolated all-women environment did not seem like a good way to deal with one of life’s greatest challenges, finding love. Considering the amount of effort, pain and joy associated with finding a partner, being inexperienced at 22 strikes me as a bad idea. I also wasn’t quite sure about the effect of a prominent gay population and no males on someone growing into her own person.

2 – I don’t personally believe that students in general are done any favors by the influence of far left faculties that exist in so many schools. There is the possibility of amplifying the effect of dysfunctional faculty behavior if extreme feminism is prominent. That seems more likely in women’s schools, but obviously it depends strongly on the school.

3 – Correlation is not causation. The overrepresentation of grads from women’s colleges in leadership roles is not necessarily related to their attendance.

comment on a Forbes article about how women’s colleges can be beneficial. Let me offering an opposing viewpoint:

  1. fuck you
  2. fuck you

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  15. janoda said: seriously? SERIOUSLY? We don’t have women’s colleges here, but these comments are so incredibly ignorant and stupid, I just can’t.
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